Food & beverage testing

SPEX SamplePrep's Geno/Grinder and ShaQer are excellent tools for the QuEChERS and SWeET method.

Food and Beverage Testing

They offer an increased recovery of pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables resulting in thorough extraction. No variation in shaking process ensures equal mixing conditions for all samples, which cannot be guaranteed when samples are shaken manually. Do you know what's in your food?

Access to safe food is a fundamental necessity for all human life. Contaminated food can be linked to both acute and long-term, and sometimes potentially life-threatening health risks.

As a result, food suppliers, producers, manufacturers, and regulatory agencies are required to test more products for more chemical residues and contaminants, with greater accuracy, and in less time. A farm-to-fork approach to food safety has been adopted by food and farming industries alike, from raw material and process control to finished product inspection and distribution.

Whether you are analyzing for chemical contaminants or residues, or profiling food for allergen content or authenticity, AB SCIEX food testing solutions speed the adoption of LC/MS/MS in your lab, delivering fast, accurate results with the fast turnaround times that your lab needs. Our food testing solutions are optimized to identify and quantify hundreds of chemical contaminants and residues in a single run, providing throughput and performance to help you to meet and exceed regulatory demands and to keep our food safe.

AB SCIEX food testing solutions for raw material testing, food processing and manufacturing, finished products, and import and export regulatory testing:

  • Pesticide testing
  • Antibiotic drug residue testing
  • Chemical contaminant and adulterant testing
  • Natural toxin testing
  • Allergen testing
  • Vitamin and nutritional analysis
  • Authenticity and ingredient profiling
  • General food contamination testing (unknown screening)
  • Applying QTRAP® or SelexION™ Technologies in food testing methods

Push the limits of food testing

With over 170 application chemists globally, AB SCIEX can provide world-class field application support for food safety testing and analysis. Supported by our worldwide training and service network, our capabilities ensure your success.

We invest in your success

For over 20 years, AB SCIEX has consistently established new benchmarks for performance and dependability. With over 630 patents, pending and issued, on some of the most important advances in mass spectrometry, we offer the broadest portfolio of high-performance systems available today. Look into what AB SCIEX has to offer. We're confident that you will find what you are looking for – to push the limits of what's possible