07 March 2017

Insight from the expert

LC/MS based proteomics have a massive impact on the way we study biology. In today’s post we[..]

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13 January 2017

Improve Your Sample Prep Reproducibility by Automating Your Workflow

Catching up on the latest breakthrough journal articles? Taking stock of reagent requirements[..]

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29 December 2016

Screen Hundreds of Known Metabolites, Accurately and Automatically and Find Exactly What You’re Looking For


In the field of metabolomics, researchers can typically choose to identify and characterize as[..]

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22 December 2016

iTRAQ Reagents in Action

The world of proteomics continues to evolve. Although many techniques and workflows have been[..]
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09 December 2016

Rapid Separation Method for Intact Monoclonal Antibodies (Mab) Merges Charge Variant, Impurity, and Glycoform Analyses into a Single Assay

Throughout all stages of development and manufacture, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) exhibit a[..]

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02 December 2016

Top Five Misconceptions about Mass Spectrometry

Do you work in a lab handling precious samples yet, hesitant to make the move to mass[..]

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10 November 2016

BioBA is a Winner at Boston’s 2016 Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis (APA) Conference

Selected for its scientific excellence and methodology,Total Antibody Quantification of the[..]

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10 November 2016

Product Showcase - Solaris Nitrogen

For our latest product showcase we take a closer look at Peak's Solaris Nitrogen generator[..]

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