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  • Column & Chemistries
  • Column & Chemistries
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EireChrom are the premium partner for chromatography columns and chemistries.

Our team are here to support any clients working on "Tech Transfers" or "Method Validation". 

As an Innovative company, we promise a bespoke product offering specific to end clients needs. Please do contact us for more information on the truly uniques service.

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The products we can assist in are highlighted below, all application focused backed by expert application chemists.

  • NP & RP (Normal & Reversed Phase)
  • SEC (Size Exclusion Chromatography)
  • Saccharides & Organic Acids Analysis
  • IEX (Ion Exchange Chromatography)
  • IC (Ion Chromatography)
  • HIC (Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography)
  • Affinity Chromatography
  • Chiral Separation
  • LC/MS & Rapid Analyses of Medicines
  • Calibration Standards for SEC
  • Column Switching
  • GPC Clean-up